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Posted by Anonymity Movement on Saturday, 30 December 2017


NOW 14TH JULY 2018 


Plan for the day:
The first ever “March For Anonymity” – we will meet at Waterloo Train Station at 1 pm, grab some lunch if you wish and get a chance to know each other. We will then march from Waterloo Train Station to outside Parliament on Parliament Square. After we have made our point, we will all head to a pub and have a social.Rules for the march:
1. No alcohol or drugs
2. Debate respectfully with any opposing party
3. No violence, physical or verbal to either us or any opposing party
4. Co-operate with the police, they will be there to keep us safe
5. No promotion of hate crime General rules for the day:
1. Respect each other, we are all as one
2. No making judegments on each other, we all have different reasons as to why we are there
3. Be supportive. For some people it may be overwhelming, we must support each other.
4. Listen to all those responsible and in charge of the event.


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